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Please mail contributions to:

Baltimore City Community College Foundation, Inc.
2901 Liberty Heights Ave.
West Pavilion, Room 110
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

Make checks payable to the BCCC Foundation, Inc.

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BCCC Foundation Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund raises money for a variety of campus projects through gifts managed by the Foundation. The Annual Fund raises unrestricted funds for the College’s greatest needs. The Annual Fund is a yearly program that runs with the College’s fiscal year from July 1 to June 30. The Annual Fund regularly seeks gifts through outreach programs, mail appeals and online giving. Annual Fund dollars go to the areas of greatest need on campus such as general scholarships, library materials, student activities, multicultural programs, campus technology upgrades, and so much more. Annual Fund contributions help a variety of projects including guest lectures, department scholarships, faculty development, classroom equipment and student/faculty research.

Why should I give to the Annual Fund?

As an alumnus or friend of BCCC, you know BCCC is a special place. Your education and BCCC experience was supported by gifts from others—and now you can return the favor! No matter what the size of your gift, by supporting BCCC you provide others the opportunity for a similar experience, from the classroom to a college-sponsored event. Every gift is important. Each gift to the Annual Fund is important. Gifts impact the lives of students by providing a margin of excellence at BCCC. Giving to the College also provides alumni an opportunity to participate and help today’s students receive the first-rate, affordable education they seek while maintaining the integrity of academic programs at BCCC.

What is a matching gift?

The company you work for may match your gift to a nonprofit educational support organization like the BCCC Foundation. Matching gifts can increase the impact of your gift without decreasing the size of your wallet, and the BCCC Foundation recognizes you for the full amount! If your employer matches gifts, obtain the proper form and simply return it with your contribution.

What are endowment and capital gifts?

Endowments funds are like savings accounts which generate income from the investment of the principle. A gift to an endowment is placed in a restricted account so it may grow and spin off more and more income as years pass. The principle always remains intact. Periodically, projects are identified that require large sums of money. Projects such as the BCCC Life Sciences Institute and the proposed Urban Teaching Institute are just a couple examples of examples of projects funded by capital contributions. Gifts to the endowment or a capital project are NOT gifts to the Annual Fund.

What is the difference between a gift to the Annual Fund and a capital or endowed gift?

The Annual Fund is used for annual expenses and a broad range of the College's needs. Capital and endowed gifts are for building and special projects. The Annual Fund helps BCCC live and has an immediate impact on the education of current BCCC students. Capital and endowment funds help us grow and help build the future of BCCC for years to come.

What is the BCCC Foundation Investment Policy?

The Foundation’s Finance and Investment Committee meets at regular intervals during the year with its investment manager to hear recommendations and determine the allocations formula among different kinds of stocks and bonds.  The committee is guided by the “prudent investor” philosophy because of the Foundation’s fiduciary role.

What types of real estate does the BCCC Foundation accept as gifts?

The Foundation may accept most any kind of real estate, including land, homes, condominiums or farms. These transactions are guided by the Foundation’s policy on gifts of real estate where certain rules such as appraisals and soil testing may apply. You may bequeath a Life Estate Gift of your home or farm to the Foundation and continue to live there until your death, at which time the property comes to the BCCC Foundation and the proceeds of its sale go to help college programs you designate. Also, the Foundation accepts as charitable donations gifts of operating cars and boats.

How may I leave a gift to BCCC in my will?

You should discuss this decision first with your family and then with your legal advisor. There are several ways to leave a bequest to the College in your will. You can leave a percentage of your estate, a residual gift from your estate, a piece of property such as a second home or farmland, or you can make bequests of other valuables like artwork.

2901 Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215-7893

6764A Reisterstown Road, Baltimore, MD 21215-9936

710 E. Lombard Street, Baltimore, MD 21202-4073